This week's WODs


60 Burpees
50 Walking Lunges-Total (45/25)
40 Toes to bar
30 Wallball (20/14)
20 Pull Ups
10 Manmakers (35/25)


60 Burpees
50 Walking Lunges-Total (95/65)
40 Toes to Bar
30 Wallball (30/20)
20 Pull Ups (CTB)
10 Manmakers (55/45)

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Competition Information

- Registration is from 730-9 AM at the front counter inside the gym. There will be three registration lines to choose from.
- Judges Briefing will be from 9-930 AM. All judges MUST be present.
- Events start at 930 AM and will run until about 530-6 PM. 
- There will be a total of 4 events. Athletes will do all 4 events. A cumulative score will determine the top placement in each category. 

Parking For the WotCIII

- Athletes can drop off their gear at the gym and then can park their cars in front of the old gym at 11335 Folsom Blvd. 
- If you are brining a trailer or outdoor tent, you may park/set them up along the river rocks that divide the alleyway from the CFC parking lot. Please park trailers lengthwise across the stalls. No passenger cars are to be parked here. Tents can be set up between trailers in the stalls.

Other Event Information

- It may rain, so plan accordingly. 
- Athlete warm up areas will be outside in front of the roll up. In the case of rain, it will be moved inside on the platforms and racks. Do not use that area unless it is raining. 
- Kids are welcome, but that doesn't mean bring a bunch of hellions and let them run amok. Kids will not be welcome acting like asshats in/around the competition area. If you have a kid that can't behave, don't bring them.
- Kids will either have a bounce house and/or a tented area outside where they can do some games/crafts and be supervised by some of the other older kids that will be present. The kids room inside the gym will be used for other purposes. No kids in there. Again, don't bring punk kids.
- Porta potties will be available outside the gym. Use them in conjunction with the indoor bathrooms. 
- There will be a few vendors on site, some chow and coffee as well. Bring your own goodies and beer, just please clean up after yourselves. 


- I don't know what all the events entail, but Kevin told me the gym was dirty and we will have to do some cleaning.........
- Everything will be scalable and movements that can be done by all categories of athletes. Scaling will be scored accordingly. 

Get ready, it's almost game time!!

Mobility Class

Since the WotC III will have a lot of you sore, come to CFC on Sunday, 10/26 at 9 AM and joing Coach Nicole to work out those kinks and tweaks!

PR's on the Oly Platforms!

A big shout out to Idean, Shane Lyle and Cyrus for all hitting PR's in their Snatch last night! All of them PR's by about 10 Lbs. from their last efforts and did so with great form and movements! Mind you, this is after having done yesterday's WOD! Nice work guys! Way to work your asses off and represent the CFC program!

"Grace"... And then some....

30 Clean & Jerks (135/95) 

Rest 2 Minutes

800m Sprint

Rest 2 minutes

1000m Row


30 Clean & Jerks (155/115)
800m Run
1000m Row

Olympic Lifting Strength Work (Tues & Thurs)

- Max. Snatch - Max For Day

- Bench Press- 3 x max. reps (135/95)
** use a spotter. Go to near failure each set.**

- Front Squat
  5x84%, 3x88%, 2x94%, 3x1x98%

- Back Extension - 3x15

** Exercises are written Sets x Reps x %. **

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Come out and support our CrossFitting Warriors at our competition this Saturday the 25th.

Curious about CrossFit? Come see how possible it is for moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas and working people with busy lives to be fit.

Join us at CrossFit Centurion in Rancho Cordova from 9:30am-5 pm this Saturday for the War of the Centurions III Competition!!

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Congrats to Matt and Amber who celebrated the birth of their new baby boy, Logan! 

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And, not to be outdone, congrats to Tyler Borja and his wife in celebrating the birth of their son, Kaden!

We wish you all the best and will expect to see you all in the gym in the near future!

CFC Strength & Conditioning - Cycle 1, Week 4 - Application

"Pain and Misery"

15m EMOM

3 Thrusters (95/65)
5 Burpees


15m EMOM

3 Thrusters (135/95)
5 Bar Facing Burpees

Week 4 Dietary Program

Women:  1 Grams/ Lb BW
Men: 1 Gram/Lb BW

Women: 175 grams/day
Men: 175 grams/day

Women: 65% of Protein intake
Men: 65% of Protein intake

Protein= 4 cal/Gram
Cabrohydrate= 4 cal/gram
Fat=9 Cal/Gram

** Carb intake prior to workout (1Hour) and higher intake of carbs post workout. Add starchy carbs to dinner.
** No fat post workout - only protein/carbs.

Focus this week is higher carb intake due to increased work time in MetCon and minimal weightlifting in this week.

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