This week's WODs

Olympic Weightlifting

2 Rounds

2 Snatch



5 Power Cleans (135/95)
10 Box Jumps
15 Sit Ups



5 Power Cleans (155/115)
10 Box Jumps (30/24)
15 Toes To bar

Olympic Lifting Strength Work (Tues & Thurs)

• Clean & jerk - 4x2x90%
• Clean Shrug pull - 3x3x100% (of clean)
• Back Extension - 3x12

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CFC Strength & Conditioning - Cycle 4, Week 1 - Baseline


Back Squat

Group A) 4 x 3 x (80% 1RM) or 10Lb Increase from 9/8
Clean Up Set= 1 x 10 x 65%

Group B) 4 x 5 x (70% 1RM) or 10Lb Increase from 9/8
Clean Up Set= 1 x 12 x 55%

Group C) 4 x 8 x (55% 1RM) or 10Lb Increase from 9/8

** Please note sets
** No clean up sets for Group C


 "Fran" (10 min time cap)


Thrusters (95/65)
Pull Ups


Fat Fran


Thrusters (135/95)
Pull Ups (35/25)

Female Strength Groups


A: 1RM is 190 lbs. or more

B: 1RM is between 140-189 lbs.

C: 1RM is less than 140 lbs.

Male Strength Groups


A: 1RM is 365 lbs. or more

B: 1RM is between 285-364 lbs.

C: 1RM is less than 285 lbs.

Week 1 Dietary Program

Protein UP! - Lots of muscular breakdown and minimal glycogen expenditure, fat for energy and metabolism maintenance.

Women: 1 Gram/Lb BW
Men: 1 Gram/Lb BW

Women: 100 grams/day
Men: 100 grams/day

Women: 60% of Protein intake
Men: 60% of Protein intake

** Highest intake of carbs post workout. Meals should be smaller intake.
** No fat post workout - only protein/carbs.

The above recommendation is meant to optimize lean body mass growth and an decrease bodyfat, while still providing enough fuel for recovery and daily maintenance.  Protein intake levels have been modified to allow for individual intake needs without a blanket number. We will be using the standard from Robb Wolf of .7 to 1 Gram/Lb bodyweight, dependent upon the portion of the cycle we are in. Be sure to hydrate due to the heat and the increased protein intake.

You will have to do some number crunching and internet research on macronutrient amounts by food, but it's important, so take the time to do it. Take in good carbs and avoid refined, starchy carbs. You may not feel great for a few days after reducing the carbs, but stick it out and it will help the body adjust and get into a fat burning mode. Keep track of your personal numbers (weight, clothes sizes, etc.) so we can tweak the program accordingly.

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Progenex is at CFC today repping their goods! Hit Anthony up on the way in or out this afternoon and talk to him about what works and why. There's some swag for folks as well!!

Registration for the War of the Centurions III is in it's last week! Get your reg slips in by the end of the week to Kevin, Tianna, AlleyCat or myself. The comp is only for CURRENT CFC members. Masters, Open and Novice divisions are available!

Don't be a puss. This is a great competition, without a ton of stress and a bunch of fun for everyone involved. There is no reason anyone and everyone shouldn't be taking part in the event! Get out there, have fun and throw down! 

Beer drinking and tomfoolery will ensue post event!

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