This week's WODs

2015 CFC Strengthg & Conditioning - Cycle 4, Week 1 - Baseline/Recovery


Front Squats

Group A- 4x3 +5 Lbs (from 3/9/15)
Clean Up - 1x10

Group B- 4x5 +5 Lbs (from 3/9/15)
Clean Up- 1x10

Group C- 4x8 +5 Lbs (from 3/9/15)


7 Minute running clock

1 Thruster (95/65)
1 Pull Up
2 Thruster
2 Pull Up
3 Thruster
3 Pull Up...


7m Running Clock

1 Thruster (135/95)
1 Pull Up (CTB)
2 Thrusters
2 Pull Ups
3 ........

*Rep scheme is in ascending order
*See how far up the ladder you can get in 7 minutes

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CrossFit Games Opens

The Opens are finally done for 2015. We are proud of the support and participation of the CFC family in tackling the Opens this year. You all did a phenomenal job and pushed yourselves well outside your comfort zone on the workouts!

We also wish to acknowledge and thank Brad Alexander and Kevin Lee for their creation of the CFC Opens Events this year. They came up with, facilitated and handled the events to make them fun and exciting for people to take part in and watch! They took their own time and money to make it happen, so please make sure you say "Thank you" to them for the work they put into the events! Great job guys!!!

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